Sunday, 10 March 2013


She is my Una babuna. She gets pecked on the worst, and the reason why?  She is super timid, shy and so pretty that all the other hens are jealous ;)  Poor little Bab-una-ella!!!  But even though she gets pecked on, she still loves all the other chickens! And whenever I bring her into the garage to put vaseline on her comb or to fix up her cuts she is fairly calm but always likes to be back with her   friends :)

Friday, 1 March 2013


When Nefi is laying an egg she gets all puffed up and she looks super fluffy and I always want to hug her!!!! Well, who wouldn't want to hug a super cute chick?   And that's not the only reason she is cute.  Whenever a chicken comes close to the nesting boxes, when Nefi is in one, Nefi does this super funny growly purr noise. When I hear her growl I always crack up. It's so funny, little cute Nefi laying an egg.  And then she makes this crazy growly noise.  To cute!!!