Friday, 22 February 2013


My number one word of advice for you if you ever get chickens is:
Never wear black nail polish.   I was stupid and did.  The result, Ellie always pecking at my fingers when I walked into the coop. She thought they were sunflower seeds!!! It would have been really funny if it had been someone else...  ;)


Thursday, 14 February 2013


 If you didn't think chickens could fly, then you haven't me Freyja.  The other day when I brought out compost to the compost pile I saw her looking at me from inside the coop, suddenly she flew all they way from the door to the compost pile which is an approximate distance of 13 meters!!!!
It is really stunning to watch creamy white Freyja fly over snow.  Even if it is to the compost pile ;)


Monday, 11 February 2013


Even though she isn't very kind to the chicks ( she will peck them when they get between her and food) Papagena is super nice to Demeter.  When Deme was sick and in the garage Papagena looked confused and would always be looking around trying to find her.  And after I finally brought Demeter back to the coop will cozy up beside her and keep her warm. It is super cute!!!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

You need to evacuate

I played a game outside with my younger siblings today. At one point in our game we had to evacuate some villages because a storm was coming. One of the villages I was trusted to evacuate was the Sunflower village (the chicken coop).   I had a nice conversation with Ellie who was perching on a board in front of the door of the coop.

Me:  "You need to evacuate"

Ellie:" brawk, b-brawk???"

Me: "Yes you really do."

Ellie: turns her head "brawk, brawk?"

By this time Una has come to the door and is staring at me

Me: "I'm sorry but it is true"

Ellie: "brawk, brawk, brawk???"

Ellie turns around

Me: "You need to evacuate"

All the chickens are staring at me. Ellie jumps down into the coop.

I turn and leave.  One village done, one to go...