Monday, 28 January 2013


After christmas time Deme got sick.  I am not sure exactly why, maybe she was sick of the snow,  feeling depressed, or had stuffed herself with to many treats over the course of christmas (she is quite the glutton). But, she was just not her usual happy self.
So, I set her up a house in the garage gave her food, water, yogurt, and warm baths.  A few days later, she went from being on the verge of  conking out to being outside with her friends healthy and happy :) But, this is not the end, a few days later Demeter started molting, losing her feathers and growing new ones.  Obviously Deme has to pick the middle of winter to molt :P


Hello from the 'North Pole'

It has been so cold up here lately and has barely risen above -20C for the past few days, and dropped down to between -30C and -40C at night!!!   But, my chickens are super chickens, and have persevered.  At this point in time none of them have frostbite!!! I have been putting vaseline on their combs and I have found that it helps, because it hydrates there combs, keeping them healthy, so it is hardy for their combs to get frostbite.   The bad news though, is that the Nefi and Una have been getting hen pecked this winter.
 Due to the fact that they can't go outside and explore the great outdoors 'cause it is to cold.
To try to remede this situation I am going to buy some hay or straw for them to play in and have made a toy for them today.  I am not sure if this toy will work but it was worth a shot.  My toy is a bottle with holes in the bottom and sunflowers inside hanging from a string in the run. What is supposed to happen is that when they peck the bottle a couple of sunflower seeds will fall out.  This toy will provide hours of fun for the entire family.  Well, hypothetically.   We shall see if they are smart enough to figure out how to use it.
In my posts coming up I will focus on one of my chickens and something about said chicken  that is either amusing, cute, noteworthy or heroic.