Sunday, 28 October 2012


While writing a post about integration THIS happened 

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized that my chickens were still outside free ranging and I hadn't called them since going on the computer and I went outside and the chicks were on the edge of my neighbour's lawn. I went outside and called them and all of them came except Eli.  And I was heading over and then my nighbour walked out of his garage door and saw them!!! He didn't say anything but after bringing the chickens back inside their coop I went over and apologized about it and he said it was okay and that they were pretty.  I was sooooo relived. My mom had told me in the past that they were okay with my chickens but I had to make sure myself.  And my verdict? I have great nighbours, my chicks like to go adventuring further than my chickens and, I will make sure not to forget to check on them. 


How to pick up a chicken

Slowly does it...

Good chicken...

Got you, muhahah... 

I didn't get a picture of me and Nefi :(    but here is a pretty one of me and Una :) :) :) 

Go play now. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A day in the life of a chicken

From left to right:  Nefi, Freyja, Ellie and Una

The chicks survived there first night outside and have survived many since in the 'Cozy Coop'.......

I wake up when light shines through the big blue thing the treat girl covers our house with. My sisters wake up with me and we jump of the roost drink some water and wait for the treat girl. Today she gets here early and give us some food. We eat quickly and jump out of our house into the big world.  We jump out of the coop we flap are wing and fly into the air. Then, Suddenly, I hear something behind me, I whirl around and see my sister behind me challenging my position in the pecking order I stick my head up tall and fluff up my feathers while giving her a little peck on the head, not today I tell her.  After we finish our daily pecking order fights we run off to go see what treats we can find in the big world today. We first check in the forest than run to the big rock. Scary monsters zoom past on that big stretch of dirt.  We hear the treat girl calling and run/fly to the back. She gives us yummy black treats. The bigger hens come we run away. Tired after our adventuring we find a nice place to rest for a bit.  We peck around some more but are full and kinda bored. We decide to fly to the top of the big blue mountain (deck)  We jump to the first level and then fly or hop to the top. Then we spy on the treat girl through the big clear doors. The treat girl gets scary when she sees us and chases us off the mountain.
We drink some water and look around it is starting to get dark. What should we do?  Then the treat girl comes with food and chase her back to our house eat some food drink some water and jump up onto the perch it takes a few tries and we sometimes get knocked off! But we are finally all in the right order. The treat girl puts the big blue thing down and we fall asleep......................................

Meet Una

Name Meaning: Named after Una from the Faerie Queene
Nickname: N/A 
Breed: Black Australorp 

Una likes clovers and adventuring with Eli and the other chicks.  She is shy but not if you have treats in your hand!!!