Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sleep over

Tonight the chicks are having a sleep over in the chicken tractor (moveable chicken coop).
They don't like sleep over's. They are peeping. They are running back and forth in the coop. They are wondering where is she????
I feel horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chick (J)yolk

In the evening Seamus ran into the bedroom and told me: 
 "I thought one of the chicks was missing it's head!!!
 But then I figured out that it was just it's butt :P "

Meet Eleanor

Name Meaning: Named after Eleanor of Aquitaine  and Eleanor Roosevelt (you decide;) 
Nickname: Eli 
Breed: Silver Laced Wyandotte 
Other: Named by my friend Alyssa!

Personality: The smallest chick. But her personality states otherwise! She is gutsy and not afraid to challenge the other chicks even though they're bigger than her.  And she is the first chick to out how get onto the perches in the chicken tractor (moveable coop). 

In the box there's.......


Meet Freyja

Name Meaning: The Norse goddess Freyja (Frey-a)
Nickname: n/a 
Breed: Ameraucana
Personality: Freyja likes to jump and run and act kinda crazy which has made me scared that she might be a rooster. But, I'm hoping she is just    crazy :P  Even though she likes to run around she is not the best flyer but she is steadily improving and might out-fly the others! And I think she might be highest in the pecking order.

Meet Nefertiti

Name Meaning: Named after an Egyptian Queen
Nickname: Nefi
Breed: Ameraucana
Personality: Nefi is a quiet chick but not when she is seperated from her friends! She is a good flyer and  out of all the chicks she is the perfect example of a chick: Sleeping properly, eating properly.... pretty much she seems super healthy and is not crazy like someone you will here of soon.

Picture taking Mayhem

Aren't my picture taking skills amazing? 

The other day I was out taking pictures of the chicks and the little black chick, who remains nameless :( , kept looking up at the camera. Wow, I thought she is super curious of what I'm doing! But then, suddenly, up she jumps and grabs hold of the camera's wrist strap. She had thought the wrist strap was a worm!!! After the first jump it grew exceedingly difficult to take pictures without her grabbing the wrist strap.

Photo shoot!!!

Last year I was super disappointed that I never had a photo shoot for the chicks and I.  But this year is different. Look at the outcome below :)

Just for fun I tried letting on of the chicks perch on my shoulder. It worked until she started pecking my hair!!!