Wednesday, 26 October 2011

And then there's a Dozen

 I organized the eggs so Demeter's are on one side and Papagena's are on the other.   Can you guess who's are who???
      I'll give you a guess: What comes first in the  alphabet P or D?
And the answer is Demeters eggs are the ones on the far side and closest to words like this. And Papagena's eggs are on this side and closest to words like this. 


One day while Papagena was in the nesting box laying an egg. 

Demeter decided that is was time to let her explorer side come lose. 
 Her mission for today was to figure out what that big thing at the end of the yard was. So of she went. 

When Deme got there she looked up and up and up!!! But she couldn't see the top. 
 To fix that problem she flew up into the unknown. 
And landed perfectly. How proud Deme was!!!!

Were getting close to the end!!!

Light in the coop

After Demeter laid her first egg we got no more eggs for 3-4 days. Wondering why, we phoned Ute and she said "You need to put a light in your coop." The reason is that chickens lay eggs when they think that there "baby's" have the best chance of survival and when it starts getting darker the survival level drops and they stop laying eggs. So therefore if you want eggs throughout the winter you need to put a light in your coop. So that's what we did 
and now the 'girls' are  each laying an egg practically everyday!

Papagena's Egg!!!!

And  aprox. a week after  Demeter laid her egg Papagena Laid hers!!!!