Monday, 27 June 2011

Demeter and Papagena

All of yesterday, Demeter and Papagena would look around for medly, wondering where she went.
Last night they looked a bit worried when I went to tuck them in, probably wondering why there wasn't a third body on the perch.
I hope soooo much that they don't get sick as well.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

In Remembrance of Medly

She had the perfect attitude, Kind, dreadfully curious, but not scared of being sassy.
She was never really was as tight nit as Demeter and Papagena were, but she never complained.

One of the first days I let the chicks free range, Medly found a worm. She stared at it in fascination her chirps bringing Demeter and Papagena over to see what she found. Grabbing it in her beak she ran of with Demeter and Papagena in hot pursuit. She ran up to the chicken coop and into the 'run', turning around and running back out leading her very own parade. After a few minutes of the chase, Demeter and Papagena gave up leaving Medly with her prize.

 What a cute little ball of fluff
If I sang to Medly she would fall asleep in my hand.

  Don't you love her Quizzical looks?

"I'm the Queen of the castle"

a Tea Party

Medly always came to see what I was doing.

She loved to forage in the grass, always pecking away.

She mad me laugh and boy has she make me cry.
I just hope that she had a good life at our house, didn't hate me, and that her death was not painful.


She's Dead.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Nightmares and Reality

A few Nights ago I had a nightmare, it was really sad/ frightening. 
But now I see how silly it is to be scared of a nightmare, nightmares are not real. In Nightmares things die but when you wake up it's all right and it's the start of a new day. 
But what happens if I wake up tomorrow morning and I walk outside and right outside there is a 'daymare'.
What happens if I walk outside and there, there in the chicken coop is Medly dead.
There would be no bed to wake up from, it would be reality.
I would have to continue through the day knowing that I let Medly down.
But if you saw me months later and asked me what happened to Medly, I would tell you, because it would be reality.

praying that Medly will fight through this sickness.

Medly is sick

That pretty much sums it up,
she is not really eating or drinking but I have tried to 'force' give her water with a syringe.
Medly is also lying around and acting lethargic.
Please pray that she gets healthy.

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Rain in Cantley falls mainly on the plain....

...Then why is it raining at our house!!!!
Okay I know that it's actually the rain in SPAIN but that doesn't matter does it?

Today while I was doing math the rain started coming down in torrents. Wanting to see what the 'girls' would do in this situation (they were in the 'run' which is just like the coop but has no roof. It is connected to the coop and to get into the coop you have to fly/jump over a board) I wanted to see if they would jump over the board into the coop to get out of the rain or if they would 'forget how', looking out of the window I saw that it was the later, the girls were so freaked out by the rain they forgot how to get into the coop. (well, if giant balls of water were falling on your head wouldn't YOU panic) Not wanting to leave the chicks standing in the rain: I put on boots grabbed an umbrella and went out side, to face the downpour myself, with Mallory and Bronwyn following close behind. When I got down to the chicken coop I stood in front of it psyching myself out (let's just say I don't fit in the chicken coop as well as i used to) I looked up and saw Rachel looking out the sliding door and making a suggestion, Just to state a fact: it is hard to hear when rain is falling on an umbrella. I finally was able to figure out that Rachel was telling me to just put our tarp on top of the run, so it could act like a roof. With Bronwyn's help we draped the tarp over the whole run. Turning to go back inside I saw that Rachel was not happy with how i'd set up the tarp, but I could not understand i thing she saying do to the fact that the rain was making tuns of noise hitting my umbrella. Looking around I saw that Bronwyn had fled back indoors, but that Mallory was still outside. I asked Mallory if she could go and figure out what Rachel was telling me. After much shivering in the rain Mallory came back and told me that Rachel thought that the sides her to far down, so there was not enough light in the run. After fixing the tarp and peaking at the chicks to make sure they were fine, I made my escape back indoors.